I thought blogging was dumb.

Then I watched Julie and Julia, in which the protagonist writes a blog about cooking and becomes famous, and I decided it was cool.

No. I still thought it was dumb.

Then I read my friends' blogs, and I was truly enlightened. They were so fun to read, I figured they must be fun to write.

I'm trying to understand why. What is it about writing about myself that is so thoroughly intriguing? Am I that narcissistic? Probably, but I think there's more to it. Hypothesis: I like the idea of blogging because it means I'm processing my life. Hence the title of my blog. I want to be aware of my focal point. Blogging will give me creative space to work out my musings and will hopefully train me to think critically about my life.

As long as I don't spend too much time hypothesizing and not enough time trying and erring, I don't think blogging will be dumb. We'll see.